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Mysteries Of Life

How can Tweety hold a balance on the swing, when he has such a big head?


Regarding that Popeye and Olive are both single and they never had sex…

where did Popeye Jr. come from and why is he look like Wimpy the Hamburger Addict?


If Coyote had enough money to buy himself thousands of stupid ACME expedients for chasing that bird runner, why he just didn’t buy himself a baked chicken with fried fries and Coca Cola?


Why Superman, Batman and all of the heroes wear their underpants over their pants?

super heroes
When we think about the effect that spinach has on Popeye…is that really a spinach? Or is just marijuana, mixed with cocaine?


What the hell were 7 dwarfs drinking that they came home singing after 20 hours work in the mine?

7 dwarfs

Isn’t the truth, that Pink Panther is the first gay icon that was advertised on a mass scale?

Pink panther – man or woman?

Operation od not?

Why is he always undressed?

Pink Panther

Why did Little Red have to ask so many questions, before she found out, that her grand mother is actually a big bad wolf? Was she high or blind?

Little red

Why all of the Disney characters wear white gloves and have only 4 fingers?

Maybe they want to let us know that aliens exist!

Disney characters

Why the Incredible Hulk destroyed all of his clothes except for his pants? Are those from stretch?

Or is he just so small?


Incredible Hulk

Why all the bad guys always want to destroy the whole planet? Where the hell do they mean to live after that? Idiots.


And why  The Flinstones celebrate Christmas, when they were living a long time before Jesus was born?

Flinstones Christmas

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