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Naked peeing giant statue in Örebro divides locals

Naked peeing giant statue in the central Swedish town of Örebro has hit a nerve with some local residents, who are unimpressed with the eight-metre tall man boy urinating in their river.

Peeing statue in Örebro

Each summer the city of Örebro becomes a canvas for international artists to present their work as part of the Örebro Open Art exhibition. This year, one particular sculpture has caused quite a stir since its installation on the banks of the River Svartån.
An eight-metre high statue of a nude male figure urinating into the river, named “Bad Bad Boy” by Finnish artist Tommi Toija stands towering over the river bank with his disproportionate body: lanky and topped with an over-sized, round, bald head.

Peeing statue in Örebro Peeing statue in Örebro

Artist Tommi Toijas views his work in a somewhat pragmatic light: “For me, it’s just a guy peeing in the river, no more, no less. Some might see it as a funny thing, others might be provoked,” he said in a statement.

Nevertheless, “Bad Bad Boy” will continue relieving himself until the end of the exhibition, September 1st, whether locals like it or not.

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