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When I was small I was very mischievous ! I used to break rocks with my head

Indian monkeys funny animation

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Weekly Plan

This is an order of the goverment:

It’s time, to change your habbits. So, stop having so much sex…. or drink less!


City Of Los Angeles High School Mathematics Proficiency Exam



1. Johnny has an AK-47 with a 30 round clip. If he misses 6 out of 10 shots, and shoots 18 times at each drive-by shooting, how many drive-by shootings can he attempt before having to reload?

2. Joey has 2 ounces of cocaine. He sells an 8-ball to Jackson for $320, and 2 grams to Billy for $85 per gram, what is the street value of the balance of the cocaine?

3. Rufus is pimping for three girls. If the price is $65 for each trick, how many tricks will each girl have to turn so Rufus can pay for his $800 a day crack habit?

4. Jerome wants to cut his half pound of heroin to make 20% more profit. How many ounces of cut will he need?

5. Willie gets $200 for stealing a BMW, $50 for stealing a Chevy, and $100 for stealing a 4×4. If he has stolen 2 BMW’s and 3 4×4’s, how many Chevys does he need to steal to make $800?

6. If the probability that Amy graduates from high school is 1/5, and the probability that a high school graduate gets into college is 2/3, and the probability that a student who enters college graduates is 1/2, what is the probability that Amy graduates from college?

7. Hector has knocked up 6 out of 27 girls in his gang. What percentage of girls in his gang has Hector knocked up?

8. Raoul is in prison for 6 years for murder. He got $10,000 for the hit. If his common law wife is spending $100 a month, how much money will be left when he gets out of prison? As a bonus, how many years will he get for killing the bitch that spent all his money?

9. Latisha takes TV’s from 25 houses, and VCR’s from 27 houses. If in 10 houses she takes both a TV and a VCR, and in one house she takes 2 TV’s, how many houses did Latisha rob?

10. If the average spray can covers 22 square feet, and the average letter is 3 square feet, how many times can Jane spray her favorite four-letter word with 5 spray cans?

Difference Between Women With Small And Large Breasts



..can get a taxi on the worst days

..have a neat place to carry spare change

..have always been the centre of the arts (art)

..make jogging a spectator sport (a personal favourite of mine)
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I Love Beer

I love beer

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