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Photographer Captures Small Models with a Big Imagination

Mexican photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez uses small toys to create his amazing photographs. Photography and digital art are giving him the ability to bring alive those scenes that he’ve had inside his mind ever since he was a kid.

Felix Hernandez toy photography

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Anatomical Balloon Animals By Jason Freeny

Anatomical balloon animals by Jason Freeny

American artist Jason Freeny is revealing balloon anatomy with this awesome balloon animal models.
If you like them, you can get them on Amazon.
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Snowshoe Art by Simon Beck

British snow artist Simon Beck creates amazing drawings using just a compass and a pair of snowshoes.
His latest creation is the giant dragon, which he created in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia for an upcoming Russian movie by prominent director Timur Bekmambetov.

Image credit: Simon Beck

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Colorful Paintings That Only Appear On Roads When It’s Raining

Colorful Paintings That Only Appear On Roads When It's Raining

Seoul, Korea is a colorful city, but during the monsoon season, when it rains for as long as 3 weeks, Seoul’s colors disappear.

A group of designers from South Korea teamed up with PANTONE to launch a street art project titled ‘Project Monsoon’ and make the streets of Seoul colorful again.
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