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Artist Transforms House Into a Spooky Monster

Image credit: Christine McConnell

Los Angeles-based artist and baker Christine McConnell transformed her parent’s house into a spooky Halloween Monster house. She painted and cut foam-core insulation board to make the monster’s eyes and scary teeth.

The house looks even more awesome at night, when it glows green. There’s even smoke pouring out of the Monster’s mouth.

You can see more of the Monster house photos on McConnell’s Instagram and Flickr.
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Artist Creates Insanely Realistic 3D Snake Painting

3D snake painting by Stefan Pabst

In this video, an artist Stefan Pabst paints a realistic 3D snake.
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Tomas Vitanovsky Welds Animal Sculptures From Recycled Car and Motorbike Parts

Animal Sculptures by Tomas Vitanovsky

Tomas Vitanovsky has loved cars and motorbikes since he was young. He started his career as a motorcycle stunt driver. When an injury ended his promising career, Tomas spent a lot of time tuning and fixing bikes to earn a living. See more »

Blurry portraits by Alex Garant

Image credit: Alex Garant

Canadian artist Alex Garant creates brain-bending optical illusions, that will give you a slightly dizzy feeling.
Her art series, Queen of Double Eyes contains paintings of beautiful young women, but the double-vision effect of the women’s extra eyes, noses and mouths will make you look twice.

Image credit: Alex Garant

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‘Domestikator’ building by Atelier Van Lieshout


This amusing sculpture was created by Atelier Van Lieshout, the Dutch design company and is a part of the bigger series called ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’.

‘Domestikator’ symbolises humanity’s abuse of power to dominate and domesticate the natural environment.
The building seeks to address ethical dilemmas of our time like bestiality, production and consumption.
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