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People Ask This Guy to Photoshop Their Photos and the Results are Hilarious

If you’re not satisfied with your photos, you can send them to James Fridman. Not only he will repair them for free, the results will be totally unexpected. :)

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9 Funny Toilet Stickers

I bought the one that says: ˝Put me down˝. :)

1. Downloading

Downloading toilet sticker
via amazon

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10 Memes And Quotes For True Pretty Little Liars Fans

Someone said, that Pretty little liars fans are the most patient fans ever and I couldn’t agree more.

People, who’ve been following the show from the beginning, are probably familiar with that feeling, that the show will never end and can totally relate with these meme pictures.


After 17 seasons of Pretty Little Liars

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Lady Gaga In Red Dishwashing Gloves Has Become An Oscars Meme

Oscars 2015 Lady gaga meme

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Ridiculous Vintage Movie Theatre Etiquette Posters

Back in 1912, giant hats blocking your view were obviously the biggest problems in cinema.

Vintage movie theatre etiquette posters
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