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Animal Jokes – Wildlife Jokes

How did the moose keep his antlers from being stolen?

He locked horns with another moose.

Why wouldn’t the leopard take a bath?

He didn’t want to get spotlessly clean.

What do skunks do when they get angry?

They raise a stink.


What do you call a vaccination given to a boy deer?

Buck shot.

Why didn’t the elephant get rich?

He was willing to work for peanuts.

How did the kangaroo convict escape?

He jumped bail.

What did the judge say when a skunk walked in?

Odor (order) in the court.

What did the mole publisher print?

An underground newspaper.

Why was the little elephant six hours late for dinner?

He had to wash behind his ears before coming to the table.

What kind of music do monkeys like?


How long can a camel go without water?

Until it gets thirsty!

Why did the leopard go to a cleaner?

To get its spots removed!

What do moose do on New Year’s Eve?

They blow their horns.

When do squirrels chase people?

When they think they’re nuts!

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