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A fat man saw an advertisement: “Lose 5kg in a Week!”

He called and said: “I would like to join!”

Lady: “Ok! Be ready tomorrow at 6 am.”

Next morning, he gets to the office and he was taken to a room. He opens the door and finds a hot babe in only a shirt and underpants.

She said: “If you catch me you can have me!” and the girl starts running. The man starts running but couldn’t catch her.

So during the whole week, he tried to catch her but couldn’t lost 5kg.

He then asks for the 10kg program. Next morning at 6am, he opens the door and finds a more hotter babe in a bikini who said: “If you catch me, you can have me.”

He lost 10kg that week. So, he thought this program is awesome! He requested a 25kg program.

The lady said: “Are YOU sure? It’s really tough!!

He replied: ”I am more than ready.”

The next day at 6am, he opens the door expecting to see a naked babe but finds a Naked MAD MAN who said:

“If I Catch YOU, I will HAVE YOU!!!!”

That week, the man lost 40 kg.

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