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Celebrities Impersonating Other Celebrities and Doing Voices

Celebrities impersonating other celebrities

A compilation of celebrities doing funny voices and impersonating other celebrities on The Graham Norton Show.
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Friday Picdump – 3.11.2016 (20 pics)



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Teenagers React to Windows 95

Teens react to Windows 95

Teens react to a Windows 95 computer. They can hardly figure out how to turn it on, because the monitor button is obviously not the right one. :)
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Baby is Confused by his Father’s Twin

Baby confused by father's twin

A 16-month-old baby Reed can’t decide which one of the twin brothers is his father.
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Anatomical Balloon Animals By Jason Freeny

Anatomical balloon animals by Jason Freeny

American artist Jason Freeny is revealing balloon anatomy with this awesome balloon animal models.
If you like them, you can get them on Amazon.
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