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The Moustair project (25 pictures)

Moustaches and hair used to be two different things, but not in this case. Check out The Moustair, where men’s moustaches meets hair and hair meets moustaches.

Moustair Hulk Hogan

Chuck Norris Moustair

John Travolta moustair

Moustair Dali

Dr. House moustair

Fidel moustair

Graham Reynolds moustair

Hamid Karzai moustair

Bin Laden Moustair

George Clooney moustair

Jack Black moustair

Jack Nicholson moustair

King Leonidas moustair

Mel Gibson moustair

Nick Cave moustair

Pedde moustair

Rick Ross moustair

Robert Downey Jr. moustair

Ron Jeremy moustair

Ryan Gosling moustair

Scary moustair

Tom Selleck moustair

Will Smith moustair

Ian Mckellen moustair

United States moustair

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