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Weekly picdump – 7.31.2012 (32 pics)

Let's go shopping she said

Puppy drinks Starbucks coffee

Cat is packed to go

Floating man

Bunny statue loves LSD

Cool shot

Funny baby

Jim Carrey meme

Roses are red, bacon is too


Funny baby mechanic

Like a Bosch

Bottle opener heels

Rope skipping dogs

Rock concert audience evolution
Beach crowd

Fish photo fail

Plants in jeans

Like a boss

Cat taking pictures

Funny sleeping

Funny swimming cap

London 2012 Olympics - Absolutely Fabulous style

Dog head

Cat vs fish

Facebook poll fail

Semaphore pedestrian fail

Cat milk does not come from cats

Intelligence test

Tombstone text fail

Tired of being fat and ugly?

Homosexual warning

Justin Bieber vs. Michael Jackson comic

Duracell bunny fail

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