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Teenagers React to Windows 95

Teens react to Windows 95

Teens react to a Windows 95 computer. They can hardly figure out how to turn it on, because the monitor button is obviously not the right one. :)
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Baby is Confused by his Father’s Twin

Baby confused by father's twin

A 16-month-old baby Reed can’t decide which one of the twin brothers is his father.
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Dad Wrecks Toddler in a Pillow fight

Dad wrecks toddler in pillow fight

A toddler hits her dad with a pillow a couple of times, leaves the weapon and runs away. Dad attems to toss the pillow back to her, but he tosses too hard and knocks her down.
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Adele Pranks Jamba Juice Employees on ‘Ellen DeGeneres’

Adele on Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres sent Adele to Jamba Juice to prank a few unsuspecting employees and she nailed it.
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Ross Marquand Doing Celebrity Impressions

Ross Marquand nano impressions

Ross Marquand is best known for playing Aaron on The Walking Dead, but he’s also a great impressionist.
Watch him impersonate 17 celebrities, including Harrison Ford and Antonio Banderas.
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