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Baby is Confused by his Father’s Twin

Baby confused by father's twin

A 16-month-old baby Reed can’t decide which one of the twin brothers is his father.
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Dad Wrecks Toddler in a Pillow fight

Dad wrecks toddler in pillow fight

A toddler hits her dad with a pillow a couple of times, leaves the weapon and runs away. Dad attems to toss the pillow back to her, but he tosses too hard and knocks her down.
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Kid Dances at Public Swimming Pool Like Nobody’s Watching [VIDEO]

Dancing kid

Lazarin Delgado Oviedo filmed his 10-year-old nephew, dancing and lip-syncing like nobody’s watching to the rumba song “Cuban Pete.”
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Toddler pushes little girl into the pool [VIDEO]

Toddler pushes little girl into the pool

A little girl stands on the edge of a diving board until an impatient toddler pushes her into the pool.
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Little Boy Sings Blues [VIDEO]

Baby sings blues

Adorable Luca is less than two years old and can already sing the blues. :)
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