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Captain Europe – A Captain America Parody

Captain Europe

Hilarious Captain America parody by Norwegian comedy duo PistolShrimps.
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People Ask This Guy to Photoshop Their Photos and the Results are Hilarious

If you’re not satisfied with your photos, you can send them to James Fridman. Not only he will repair them for free, the results will be totally unexpected. :)

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Dad Wrecks Toddler in a Pillow fight

Dad wrecks toddler in pillow fight

A toddler hits her dad with a pillow a couple of times, leaves the weapon and runs away. Dad attems to toss the pillow back to her, but he tosses too hard and knocks her down.
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Funny Tweets – 12.8.2015 (33 tweets)

Funny tweets

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Sleepy Meerkat Falls of a Rock

Meerkat falls off rock

Exhausted meerkat falls off a rock ledge after falling asleep.
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