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Adele Pranks Adele Impersonators

Adele pranks Adele impersonators

Adele went to Adele-impersonator audition as ‘Jenny’ with a fake chin, fake nose, different makeup and gloves to cover her tattoos to prank some unsuspecting Adele impersonators. Their reactions were priceless.
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Funny tweets – 11.19.2015 (24 tweets)

Funny Twitter jokes

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Don’t Worry, I’m Wearing

Don't worry I'm wearing

In this ridiculous video, Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura demonstrates a series of poses, that can make you look like you are completely naked, even though you are wearing underwear.
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Funny tweets – 10.16.2015 (30 tweets)

Funny tweets - 10.16.2015

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Funny tweets – 7.18.2015 (26 tweets)

Funny tweets 7.18. 2015

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