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10 Memes And Quotes For True Pretty Little Liars Fans

Someone said, that Pretty little liars fans are the most patient fans ever and I couldn’t agree more.

People, who’ve been following the show from the beginning, are probably familiar with that feeling, that the show will never end and can totally relate with these meme pictures.


After 17 seasons of Pretty Little Liars

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Lady Gaga In Red Dishwashing Gloves Has Become An Oscars Meme

Oscars 2015 Lady gaga meme

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Michael Jackson Eating Popcorn Meme and Other Funny Photo Comments (20 pics)

Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme

Funny Michael Jackson popcorn meme pictures are often used in social media commenting. Every time a popular or heated story is posted to Facebook, you will often see someone post the Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme. MJ Eating popcorn meme has spawned a whole bunch of other meme pictures, that were made as a response to this popular meme.
So here are some of the most commonly used Michael Jackson eating popcorn and related commenting photos.

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Christmas Nowadays

The reality about Christmas these days.

Christmas nowadays

Friday Picdump – 12.20.2013 – Christmas Edition (12 pics)

Santa sock fail

Christmas Santa word search

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